Susan Mestman Jacksonville Florida Tutor Susan Mestman, Certified Teacher & Jacksonville Florida Area Tutor

Hi, I’m Susan Mestman, M.Ed.

I provide tutoring services to children and adolescents with reading and spelling difficulties. I have a passion for teaching to the individual student’s needs.

I am a Florida Certified Teacher with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s degree in Education Administration. My experience as a learning specialists includes classroom teaching, curriculum development, small group instruction, individualized tutoring and specialized intervention.

I believe it is important to build on a child’s unique strengths and abilities so the child can confidently and actively participate in new learning. As a learning specialist, I  discover the learning opportunities missing in the child’s foundational knowledge and provide a scaffolding approach to reinforce those needed skills so future learning has a strong foundation on which to build new skills.

As a learning specialist and private tutor, I offer each of my students an individualized approach that includes evidence-based, multi-sensory, kinesthetic and sequential techniques.

Tutoring sessions are 60 minutes in length, including 50 minutes of instruction, and 10 minutes reserved for discussion with the child’s parent or guardian.

Private tutoring, home-school instruction and curricular support are available for Kindergarten to 8th grade.