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Peyton Suvoski

My daughter was in second grade, hated school, and had just been diagnosed with Dyslexia when Susan began tutoring her. We were looking for a tutor who could teach her the Barton Reading and Spelling program, which is a method of learning that helps children with Dyslexia learn to read, spell and write.
We began to see improvement in my daughter's reading immediately after beginning to work with Susan. Over time we saw improvement in all areas and her reading just got better and better. As her confidence rose, her stress level decreased, and we saw her relax and actually begin to enjoy school. Susan is patient with my daughter who is not always the most cooperative. She is easy to work with and comes to our house which is a game changer for a family with a very busy schedule and multiple kids going in different directions.
My daughter is now in the 4th grade and doing great. She made the A/B honor role this fall, she's zipping through her favorite Judy Moody books, and she's more confident in her work and happier than ever. I credit Susan's tutoring and the Barton Reading and Spelling program for all of this. Thank you Susan! We are forever gratefull!!!

Jennifer White

My son was diagnosed with dyslexia last year and no phonological memory. My son was not thrilled and a little hesitant when we began tutoring. As of now he loves working with Susan. He is making great leaps and bounds and is growing more confident everyday. Thank you Susan! We think you’re wonderful.

Shellye LaRue

Where do I begin? Susan is a gift!! She has been tutoring our son for almost 8 months now and the progress we have seen is beyond amazing!! She is kind, patient and nurturing - she truly cares about her students! Our son looks forward to Ms. Susan coming to work with him. She has made learning fun for him. He now has confidence that he hasn't had in a long time. Susan is amazing - highly recommend her!!

Noelle and Rich

Susan has been working with my daughter for two years on reading comprehension and homework support. Susan's work has been instrumental in my daughter's improvement. I highly recommend Susan.

Mabel West

I have loved working with Susan. She's meticulous and doesn't let details slip through the cracks.

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