Customized Math Help

Math Help is Here, in Many Styles

Whatever your math help needs are, I provide the right method of teaching for your specific child. Call us for Math help, Home Schooling, Math Homework Assistance, Common Core help and more. Every child learns best in their own unique way. My approach is to create a customized tutoring plan that taps into your child's natural way of learning. I do more than get your child through the next test, I build a rock solid foundation for the future.

Multi-Sensory and Kinesthetic Approach

The multi-sensory and kinesthetic approach gets your child engaged with the subject in many different ways. Learning by “doing” is an effective way to understand, remember new ideas and concepts. Engaging many parts of the brain with the subject matter provides stronger understanding and retention of the materials.

Learn more about the Multi-Sensory and Kinesthetic approach.

Common Core Math Help

Common Core uses methods to solve math problems that most adults can't replicate or teach. Common Core has a new language and steps not taught to previous generations. This is where I come in, I can break down Common Core into manageable steps that your child can follow more easily.

Here you can read about the Common Core standards your child is expected to learn.

Sequential Approach

The best type of math help not only gets your child past the current stumbling block, but will also help with learning future math concepts. The Sequential Approach provides a way to break down math concepts into small steps that make sense. Let me provide a systematic and sequential approach to helping your child learn and understand math.