Organization and Study Skills

We Help Students become Independently Successful

Does your student forget to hand in assignments even though the work was done? Do you find scrunched up pieces of paper at the bottom of her backpack, only to learn that this is the assignment that was meant to hand in? Do you feel like you are repeatedly organizing your child’s binder for him?

The amount of homework and the number of projects required by children in school these days seems much greater than in years past. More is expected, but often a child s not adequately equipped with study skills necessary to make homework easier and tests less stressful. I provide instruction on ways to stay organized and tricks to studying more effectively.

My philosophy of learning is to provide the student with opportunities to improve confidence while developing lifelong study habits. I believe in making learning enjoyable and rewarding, and am deeply committed to helping children reach their full potential.

Whether your child could use some pointers, or if symptoms of ADHD pose certain challenges, the benefits of learning specific organizational strategies and study skills will help. Your child will feel more self-sufficient and will be set up for academic success for many years to come. I help your child find the structured approach to organizing schoolwork, binders and ways to prioritize homework sessions that work. Study skills and strategies are best when they include active learning and reviewing as a way to make sure the material is fully understood and retained. Also, with the emphasis on tests in the school system, learning specific test taking strategies and time management during tests are important skills that can benefit every student.